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The Minish Woods


This is the home for the Minish on deviantArt. Despite the name (the founder was an idiot when he set it up) this is a home for all the minish.

To keep it simple, here are just a couple of pointers for you:

:bulletgreen: Anyone can join, whether you are minish, have a minish account or are just curious. We accept everyone.

:bulletred: Play nicely with the others. In other words, don't be rude, nasty or bully them in any way. Doing so risks you being kicked out of the group and, potentially, a complaint being lodged against you with dA.

:bulletblue: The gallery folders are the place for you to submit your art to. Please leave the featured folder alone, you will not be able to submit to it. The Featured will be for works of art that the group think are worth showing off.

:bulletpurple: Please don't use anothers work, from this group, without permission, it takes less than 30 seconds to ask for permission and remember to credit the original artist, but please respect the owners decision if they say no.

Apart from that, have fun!

There is now a chat room for this group, fittingly it's called:

The Minish Woods

If you visit, watch your step, there may be Minish about!

The group icon is by the wonderful :iconask-minish-vio:

Ok, so there is now a filing system in place. It's by no means fixed, though major changes will be announced.
Please continue to submit your work, but please note that a series of folders has been set up to aid you and visitors in finding pictures quickly. These folders are in groups, the general rule of thumb to follow is set out below.

:bulletblack: If you are a Minish ask account, please submit to your folder any of your work that is an answer or contains you somewhere in the image. (e.g. Minish Red would submit answers and works from them depicting Minish Red, to the "Minish Red" folder. The same for any Minish account that has their own folder)

:bulletorange: If you are a Picori ask account, please submit your work to the Picori folder any of your work that is an answer or contains you somewhere in the image. (e.g. Noki would submit answers and works from them depicting Noki, to the Picori folder.)

:bulletgreen: If you are a minish account and do not have your own folder, please submit any work that is an answer or contains you in the image to the Other Minish Folder.

:bulletred: Fanart is defined as anything that isn't produced by the Minish Accounts. (Sorry, Minish accounts does not include admins accounts (except where they are the same account)). This means, anything produced by others accounts, including from other ask accounts where any of the Minish accounts are present or just plain minish fan art (remember, it has to be relevent to the group).

:bulletblue: Any other work ie, things that do not contain a minish with in them, are for the Miscallaneous Folder

:bulletpurple: Kiribans have their own folder, please submit any kiribans there.

:bulletyellow: Minish accounts please only submit your latest deviation to featured, copying it to your folder as well once submitted. This folder will be the one that changes the quickest, as such, it needs to be kept as clear as possible. To all others please do not try to submit to the Featured folder. This is for latest responses and works we, as a group, feel that should be shown off.

Group Info

Assembly point for the Minish take over!
This group is for the Minish of dA. Come support them in their advance through dA.
All are welcome to join
Founded 3 Years ago
Jan 13, 2013


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50 Members
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Minish Shadow
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So, hello to all.

There is a topic that I want to raise, apart from the fact we are still horribly short on Picori, but that is the number of people writing this blog.

Currently, there is just myself, Swiss, writing. My thoughts were that it would be nice to have some others write as well.

So, here is what I am going to do. If you want to write for this group, send a group note with a sample post. The post should be relevant to the group or other goings on that could impact us (this does not include hype driven events such as stop SOPA and PIPA, which the reaction to was a huge over reaction as it was.)

This chance will close after two weeks, so get your skates on. I look forwards to reading your submissions.

As a quick footnote to the Picori situation, I'd like to welcome :iconask-picori-mukari: to the group. We need more picori, guys, please, if you can, make an account and join. You don't even have to be an ask account

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''Wow, um...'' He pondered for a moment. ''I didn't realize how popular this 'Minish Link' thing was. I can't believe how many there are!''




(( :iconfealsplz: ))

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((ahh the memories. XDD))
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I'll make a non-ask picori if u want... I can't handle an ask...
AskMinishPink Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Student General Artist
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SwissHope Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist
Thank you so much for the offer. If you would like to, please go ahead, and I understand, running just one ask account is a pain in the butt. Quite why I run so many, I'll never know
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Thank you once again
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